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Harken, 2020 Chardonnay, CA ($)

by Andrew Chalk

FROM THE WIRES... Harken takes no chances when it comes to winemaking, meaning no shortcuts. Each wine is hand-stirred in oak barrels and made with a whole lot of passion from winemaker Adam Popp. Adam lives and breathes California. He was raised in some of California’s most storied Chardonnay vineyards, eventually working his way through wineries in Paso Robles. His love for wine is only matched for his love and respect for technique, namely the art of barrel fermentation.

The 2020 Harken Chardonnay was barrel-aged for eight months in fusion barrels of 50% American oak and 50% French oak. An exemplary study in malolactic fermentation, this wine has a round, full texture and exudes classic warm oak aromas with hints of sweetness and spice reminiscent of Bosc pear. The palate follows with notes of crème brûlée and buttered toast, balanced with a finish of crisp acidity for a luscious integration of fruit and oak character. Harken is a call back to the days when oaky Chardonnays were done the right way, and it is the perfect wine to celebrate Chardonnay Day, May 26th




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