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DAT Food for Pickup and Delivery This Week!

by Andrew Chalk

From the desk of Chef DAT!

Aloha friends and family in Dallas, TX. We would love to deliver healthy food to your door. Please email me to pre-order food. Stay safe and wash your hands please. We love this community and we are here to help. We will be scheduling food pickup and delivery for Thursday and Friday. Chef Ryan and I are here to help you with all your culinary needs!

Love - datski

To order your food please email me (

We have some super tasty new options for you're at home dining experience:

Smoked Duck & Chicken Gumbo - $12/pint or $20/quart

Best Stop Boudin | 12 yr Roux | Pot Likker Broth

Saffron n Turmeric Basmati Rice - $5/pint or $10/quart

Cochon Giardinera | Foraged Spring Onions | White Beans

Oxtail Pho Bulgar Risotto - $8/pint

Pickled Cilantro | Roasted Shallot | Candied Jalapenos

Jimmy's Sausage & Beef Sugo - $14

Truffle Linguine | Scardello Cheese | Fresh Thyme

Happy Hollow Braised Beef - Serves 2 - $30

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes | Red Wine Demi

Roasted Apple Tartlet - $5 each

Glenfiddich Pecans | Valrhona Passion Fruit Chocolate Ganache

Order today for Monday and Tuesday for pickup near Downtown Dallas Thursday and Friday (exact address given for orders)

Delivery is available for orders over $100 + tip

Pick up time: 1pm - 7pm


Venmo: @chefdat

PayPal (friends and family) -

Zelle -

David Anthony Temple


Keep up with us on Instagram: @chefdat and @frozenturkeydinner



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