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Tis a Mere Truffle!


Get ready to unearth one of Italy's most prized ingredients – fresh white truffles are back in season, and at Eataly Dallas! Treat yourself to this prized tuber with all-new truffle dishes in our restaurants, fresh white truffles in our marketplace, and even new truffle pizza to enjoy on-the-go at our Pizza alla Pala counter. Native to Italy, the tuber magnatum is a white truffle that grows from September to December in the forests of Piemonte, particularly in the region of Alba. The tartufo bianco is a particularly treasured variety thanks to its golden color, pungent aroma, and delicate, earthy flavor. It's no wonder that Italians call this ingredient the "diamond of the kitchen."

Celebrate this renowned ingredient during Truffle Days at Eataly Dallas where you can bring home fresh white truffles from Italy at the lowest price of the season from November 22-23rd.



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