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TASTE TEST: Stellar Eats: Baking Mixes without Gluten or Grains, are Plant-Based and Paleo Friendly

by Andrew Chalk

Stellar Eats believes in their product. They just sent me some of their baking mixes and slapped down the gluten-free glove: "Try them", they said. Luckily, the recipes are specialized for idiots like me and I decided it was time for banana bread.


The key component of banana bread is ripe bananas, something not easy to find in supermarkets, so I bought yellow/green bananas and baked them in the oven at 300F for 30 minutes resulting in the transformation below.

This softened the banana flesh. After they cooled I mashed them as below

Mashed bananas
Mashed bananas

The mashed bananas are mixed with two beaten eggs, some olive oil, milk and the contents of the banana bread baking mix. The mixture is scooped into a baking dish and placed in the oven. A few minutes later. voila!



Interesting results. I am used to gelatinous, heavy banana bread. This one comes out like a light sponge and is quite dry. The taste (bananas, cinnamon, and the coconut sugar) is on point. One thing Stellar Eats promises is that their products are not a gluten-free cardboard snack. I would second that.

Now, chocolate chip cookies...


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