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Take The Most Memorable Thing to Thanksgiving Dinner: Gold Chocolate

Gold or Dark Chocolate Turkeys are available this Thanksgiving
Gold or Dark Chocolate Turkeys are available this Thanksgiving

by Andrew Chalk

Thanksgiving dinner will be even more special than usual this year. Wouldn’t you love to have been the provider of the most memorable thing at the meal? I have just tasted what that could be: Delysia Gold Chocolate.

Gold chocolate is made with 30.4% cacao, caramelized sugar, and caramelized milk. It was invented in 2018 by the chocolate house of Barry Callebaut of Zurich Switzerland. They sell the raw product to chocolatiers (chocolate artists) the world over. Delisia is one such chocolate artist, based in Austin, Texas and crafting chocolates since 2008. In fact, in 2020 chef-owner Nicole Patel was named Best Chocolatier in the Americas.

Delysia’s Thanksgiving take on Gold Chocolate is suitably playful -- molded turkeys. At a media event Nicole took us through a tasting of Delysia products and my first tasting of Gold Chocolate. It is irresistibly smooth, punchy in its richness, with heartwarming caramel flavors. It has a synergistic relationship with good coffee or ruby port. It is so rich, in fact, that just one molded turkey is plenty for each person.

A selection of Delysia's Other Chocolates
A selection of Delysia's Other Chocolates

Don’t overlook Delysia’s other chocolates as well. Delicate in appearance, but with an opioid’s power to addict (without the downside). There is just a “no compromises” character to them.

Availability: Due to COVID restrictions, order online or by phone. The small boxes make great gifts by the way.




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