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Grilled Oysters at Razzoo's

by Andrew Chalk

Hurrah! For the first week since March Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe has started serving oysters again! They are sourcing exclusively from Prestige Oysters, a leading supplier of Gulf oysters that operates a Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable oyster fishery. I had them at a recent media event and know that, as part of their freshness procedures, Razzoo’s only shucks to order.

Choose from two ways to have your oysters -- fresh or grilled. The fresh oysters come with all the fixins: lemon slices, cocktail sauce, horseradish for octane control of the cocktail sauce, and Louisiana’s own famous Tabasco sauce.

The fresh oyster plate at Razzoo's

The grilled oysters take on a rich golden color as they are coated with Zydeco sauce, an entrancing blend of mayonnaise, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, Tabasco sauce, and red pepper flakes all mixed together into a ‘light blue touch paper’ incarnation which I would readily accept enhances virility. The oysters are then showered with strands of parmesan cheese and arranged with garlic butter and toasted bread. The insider tip with the bread is to soak it in the oyster liquor on the bottom of the plate for a rich buttery sensation.

Still hungry? Razzoo’s makes their gumbo from scratch and a big bowl is just the ticket in today’s colder weather.

Scratch-Made Gumbo at Razzoo

Peach Mambo Mason Jar Cocktail at Razzoo

For a beverage try one of their Mason jar cocktails. With four flavors (Watermelon Crawler, Peach Mambo, Bayou Breeze, and Boxwine Boogie) you can’t go wrong. They are built from sangria, Moscato sweet wine, liquor, fresh fruit and juice. John Landis Mason would have been proud to see his invention being used this way.

Razzoo’s is open now in Dallas County for dine in, take out, or pickup. And check out those oysters!

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