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QUICK BITE: Dumpling House, Plano

QUICK BITES are one meal takes on restaurants. As such, they are subject to revision on later visits.

Crab Rangoon
Crab Rangoon

by Andrew Chalk

First time, at this place. I and The Moll were in for lunch.

Cucumber Salad ($7) has 'skin on' making for a chewy mouthful where skin flavors detract

from the subtle flavors of the cucumber flesh. Crab Rangoon ($6/6) appears to be homemade, deducing from the lack of regularity in their shapes. I would prefer them stuffed with more cheese.

Cucumber Salad. So easy to improve on!
Cucumber Salad. So easy to improve on!

Szechuan Beef ($14) had just too much nearly raw bell pepper and the carrots appeared to have been thrown in at the end of the cooking time. They were rock hard. I left alot of it uneaten. This dish was cooked by someone who was absolutely tone deaf regarding how food should taste. They had obviously either never tasted it or did taste it but were clueless what was right or wrong.

Szechuan Beef. Those bell peppers are nearly raw and the carrots are rock hard.
Szechuan Beef. Those bell peppers are nearly raw and the carrots are rock hard.

Double Cooked Pork ($14) was simply flooded with all the fat that was left in the pan. It was like islands of vegetables and protein in a paddy field. Good place to give a cockroach swimming lessons.

Double Cooked Pork
Double Cooked Pork

The one saving grace was the lightness and softness of the boiled rice.

Service was very professional albeit sometimes hard to flag down. Although only two (later three) tables were occupied the one waitress was working non-serving tasks too. Maybe the scope of her responsibilities and the choice of a cook who can’t cook were byproducts of ‘The Great Resignation’.

The premises are virtually devoid of natural light and dimly lit making for a dingy feeling. Bench seats are too close to their tables.

Plano is rich in Chinese food. Probably, with Arlington, it is in the top tier of locations for Chinese food in DFW. This sets the bar high and, based on this meal, Dumpling House is not attaining it at present.

FTC Disclosure: I paid my own bill and dined anonymously. I have no business connection with this establishment.


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