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Pasote Tequila is from the Jalisco Highlands


Wellness enthusiasts will appreciate that Pasote is sourced from one of the few additive-free production facilities producing tequila. Using hand-forged tools, Pasote is only made with natural ingredients, including agave, water and yeast, with no color, glycerin, chemicals or flavor additives. Crafted from estate-grown ripe blue agave, the result is a pure, handcrafted tequila with clean roasted agave flavors.


This highlands tequila was crafted to be enjoyed on the rocks or added as a base for refreshing cocktails.

·         Pasote Blanco (SRP: $49) – Utterly clean and clear, with an exquisitely bright mouthfeel.  Savory notes of intense agave balanced with flavors of pineapple on the mid-palate.  

·         Pasote Reposado (SRP: $59) – Lusciously supple and warming, this agave tequila is rich with succulent flavors, thanks to barrel aging in American oak. Sweet flavors of light caramel and dried fruits lead to subtle notes of vanilla and roasted nuts.

·         Pasote Añejo (SRP: $69) – The experience begins with a decadently rich mouthfeel that’s velvety smooth. Long barrel aging mellows the character of the roasted agave, bringing out hints of cooked caramel, dried fruits, and coffee for a finely nuanced complexity.

·         Pasote Extra Añejo (SRP: $189.99) – Having spent forty-eight months in ex-bourbon barrels, the palate is complex and well-balanced. Exotic flavors of honey and caramelized pineapple arouse the senses. Vegetal notes of roasted agave complement warming spices and toasty oak nuances. Bright, tingling Szechuan spices linger at the front of the palate before a long, sumptuous finish follows to the back of the palate.




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