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by Andrew Chalk

San Antonio is a great road trip in these COVID times. It is also, as I said seven years ago, one of the most improved gastronomic centers in the country, although every restaurant city is at the mercy of a post-COVID revision.

Given the seemingly endless chain of restaurant gloom and doom it was good to hear this announcement. Restaurant Mixtli is to open a second location, Kumo, at which what they call ‘Mexican Omakase” will take center stage. Omakase, as many readers will know, is a Japanese multi-course feast. Here, the idea is to prepare Mexican dishes from daily market trips representing an ever changing menu. Beverages are 100% BYOB so stop by the store in advance to get your wine, beer, or spirit of choice. COVID safety measures are in force. Book tickets here.

A word about the people behind this. They are fanatics about their craft, working according to their own lights to create the most iconoclastic restaurant in San Antonio, and maybe in Texas. Their take on contemporary Mexican cuisine resembles David Uygur’s take on Italian at Lucia in Dallas. There is the leitmotif of the genre there but, knowing the rules, the propagators tear them up to resounding effect. Little wonder the wait for reservations was over a month before COVID disrupted the status quo. If Mixtli were in a Michelin-reviewed city it would have a star -- despite being, until recently, situated in a railroad car.

Here is the restaurant announcement...

Dear guests,

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Kumo. As our opening date approaches, we cannot express how excited we are to serve you while Mixtli makes her way to Southtown. Kumo will be a really fun way to express our passion for Mexican gastronomy in a very unique way. Click in the image below to read all about our ethos at Kumo and to book your reservation. 

As always, our commitment to your safety during COVID is paramount. Our sanitation protocols are in place. We have been safely serving you through this  pandemic and we have to give props to our cleaning and sanitation procedures. Kumo will not be community seating as we have individual tables per two guests. 

Also, food allergies and restrictions will always take top of the list for us. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at

We cannot wait toms serve you at Kumo this November and Mixtli 2.0 later this year

Thank you!

The Mixtli/Kumo family.



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