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by Andrew Chalk

The Bidi Bidi Bun Bun caught while yawning

Hopdoddy invited ‘influencers’ to their Uptown, Dallas location yesterday to try their new burger. It’s called the ‘Bidi Bidi Bun Bun’, for reasons that totally elude me. It is not bidi, it is not even bidi, bidi. What it is, is a giant burger that will comfortably feed a family of four or serve as a substitute manhole cover in a storm. Inside the brioche bun are layers of flavors reflecting its Mexican inspiration. There is a tostada, a generous layer of guacamole, pico de gallo, lime crema, shredded lettuce and a street taco patty (that is ground rather than chopped beef and fried on a griddle).

The Nutella Chocolate Pretzel Shake

That patty deserves mention, not just because of its mass (7 oz) but also its deep, earthy flavors. So different from the post-industrial grey meat of mass market burgers.

The guac and the crema will be enough to persuade you to forego the opioid habit in favor of this glorious and simply brilliant burger. Especially with a Nutella Chocolate Pretzel Shake ($6).

Gratuitous Strawberry Shortcake Shake

Why does the release date of the burger (May 1st) coincide with the beginning of a week of Cinco de Mayo celebrations at Hopdoddy? Well, it is burger-of-the-month and on June 1st it is gone forever, to be replaced by something else.


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