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Food Waste App Is Coming To Texas


The app launches today in Texas to support local businesses, reduce food waste,

save money and help the planet

● Following an Austin launch in 2021, the food waste solution app is arriving

in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin with more than 500 stores live

to date

● Consumers can save on everything from baked goods to prepared foods

and grocery items by downloading the app for free Too Good To Go is now

available in 17 cities across the US and has saved more than 5 million

meals from waste across the country

XX / ACCESSWIRE / May 17, 2023 / Too Good To Go, the world's largest marketplace

for selling surplus food, is now available across the state of Texas.

Approximately 133 billion pounds and $161 billion worth of food is wasted in the US

each year. This waste has consequences for Americans looking to help the planet and

save money on rising food bills. For context, 15% of all habitable land on earth is used

to produce the food we waste. This equates to the surface area of 14 states of Texas.

Since launching in the US, Too Good To Go has already saved more than 5 million

meals from more than 11,000 partners, resulting in $50.1M in savings for consumers to-

date. As the nature of food waste is unpredictable, partners on the Too Good To Go app

pack their surplus food into Surprise Bags that are sold to the customer at 1⁄3 of the retail

value. Partners select pickup windows that work best for their business and can either

provide or instruct customers to bring packaging to transport the food items.

More than 581 businesses in Texas, including local favorites such as Eataly Dallas,

Henderson & Kane General Store in Houston, and Pasha in San Antonio, have already

signed on to the app. In their quest to reduce food waste and save money, consumers

can now pick up Surprise Bags from their favorite local food businesses, from BBQ

spots and Tex-Mex style restaurants to homemade kolache shops and gourmet grocery


Since launching in Austin in July 2021, the company is thrilled to expand across the

Lone Star state, adding Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, working with more than 500

partners. With more partners added weekly, consumers are encouraged to check back

often to see what new stores have joined and what delicious new Surprise Bags are

ready to be saved.

“We are excited to expand our app across Texas to partner with the dynamic food

scene and culture,” said Chris MacAulay, Too Good To Go US Country Director. “In

partnership with the incredible local food businesses across Texas, we want to make

reducing food waste accessible to all. Together, with the great restaurant community

and residents here in Texas, we feel we can make an immediate impact.”

The Too Good To Go app is available for iOS download in the Apple App Store and

Google Play for Android. To learn more about Too Good To Go as well as tips and

tricks to reduce food waste follow on Instagram at: TooGoodToGo.usa.

About Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go, a certified B Corp, is a social impact company leading the food waste

revolution to create a greener planet. Their app connects consumers to surplus food

from local restaurants and grocery stores, such as pastries, fresh produce, sushi and

more, which would otherwise be thrown away to make room for the next batch of goods.

Each surprise bag rescued equates to the CO2e emission of charging one smartphone

fully 422 times. Founded in 2016, Too Good To Go has saved more than 202 million

meals from more than 137,000+ partners in 17 countries. Beyond the app, Too Good To

Go has launched initiatives to change date labeling on food, produced free educational

resources for schools, and inspired households to change food waste behaviors. Visit for more information and follow us at

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