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Fine China quietly closes at The Statler Hotel

by Andrew Chalk

This is the non-surprise of the week. When Fine China opened I said it was a flawed concept and gave it a year. Including a mid-life pivoting, it lasted 20 months. With its aircraft runway noise level, dingy corners, and abortion of a wine list the place had so many obvious flaws it appeared to have been created by someone who knew nothing about restaurants, or just hated the people who dined there.

It will be replaced by a Primo's (Primo's MX Kitchen & Lounge), an uninspiring Tex-Mex concept. This looks like the 'bazaar' model. Hilton will sub-lease the space to Refined Hospitality Concepts (RHC), the owner of the Primo's brand, which already has one in Uptown Dallas. Opening is scheduled for this summer after some renovations. It will be interesting to see if RHC corrects for the design errors in the space.

The sanctimonious critics who professed crocodile tears at Fine China's closing would be better advised to go and find the excellent Chinese food in this city, which I think is underrated for this genre of cuisine.


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