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Filippo Berio launches SUSTAINABLE SELECT extra virgin olive oils


New EVOO collection sourced from sustainably nurtured groves, fully traceable from farm to bottle

LYNDHURST, N.J. – November 10, 2022 – Filippo Berio, one of the nation’s top-selling brands for olive oils, pestos, vinegars and glazes introduces its SUSTAINABLE SELECT collection of extra virgin olive oils to the U.S. market. Featuring two distinct flavor varieties — SMOOTH HARMONY and HEARTY BALANCE — the SUSTAINABLE SELECT collection sources from responsibly harvested olives from sustainably nurtured groves as well as a fully traceable and certified process. Simply by scanning the QR code on the back label of each bottle, consumers are able to learn the origins of that bottle, the flavor map of the olive oil and more unique information.

“We are excited to introduce discerning American consumers to a new kind of olive oil experience. SUSTAINABLE SELECT is a specialty EVOO collection with a completely traceable farm-to-bottle experience and the same commitment to quality found in all Filippo Berio products,” said Marco De Feo, VP of Marketing of Filippo Berio USA. “Filippo Berio is distinguished by perseverance, passion and flavor, and this specialty collection expands upon our tradition. Through ongoing innovation and research, we are continually refining our cultivation and production methods to be ever-more eco-conscious while enhancing the final product we place before our valued consumers.”

Each olive cultivar has specific characteristics that give the SUSTAINABLE SELECT extra virgin olive oils their unique flavor profile and usage experience. The SMOOTH HARMONY EVOO is truly harmonious and exceptionally smooth. It has hints of fresh grass, artichoke and tomato and features a slightly spicy after taste. It is a natural fit for finishing meats, balancing soups and dipping bread. The HEARTY BALANCE EVOO is highly aromatic and richly complex. It has scents of grass and is fruity and well-balanced. This oil adds depth to seafood, vegetables and sauces. Keeping both varieties in the pantry ensures home cooks have essential ingredients on hand to enhance any dish.

“At Filippo Berio, we are intentional about every step of the production process and our interactions with the surrounding natural environment,” continued De Feo. “Every bottle of our SUSTAINABLE SELECT collection tells a unique story of tradition, of people and of place. We invite consumers to be part of those stories by using our online traceability feature to learn the origins of the olive oil they bring home.”

SUSTAINABLE SELECT extra virgin olive oils are characterized by a rigorous quality control process. They are produced from olives grown in orchards that apply third-party certified integrated farming methods. Selective harvesting ensures that only fine, ripe olives are chosen to guarantee first-rate quality. At the mill, the olives are washed, and pressing is carried out within the shortest possible time. Filippo Berio’s master-blenders select and blend extra virgin oils with the best fruitiness, greatest balance and most persistent olfactory notes. This moment in which the unique, unmistakable and stable taste of the extra virgin olive oils is created is most important. Filippo Berio’s quality and environmental processes are both monitored and certified by SGS, a global leader in inspection and certification.

The collection comes in a dark glass bottle of 25.3 fluid ounces (750ml) to protect the extra virgin olive oils from the deteriorating effects of light. Both varieties will be distributed nationwide within select channels. More information about the new SUSTAINABLE SELECT collection is available at




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