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COFFEE NEWS: Bulletproof Releases Compostable Expresso Pods

by Andrew Chalk

The ‘Original’ blend and ‘The Mentalist’ blend are not only great tasting coffees, they are now available in...

The company representatives say “The number of global orders placed for coffee pods grew by 53% over the past 12 months and accounted for more than half of all coffee orders online. Just launched, Bulletproof’s first foray into Espresso Pods will be compostable and made from renewable plant-sourced bioplastics. They will offer the brand’s ‘Mentalist’ and ‘Original’ roasts in 10-packs for $8.99 or 30-packs for $24.99. Customers can enjoy the coffee on its own, or add Bulletproof’s signature Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil and Ghee to create the brand’s classic keto-friendly recipe for a creamy Bulletproof Coffee. Launching first on and on Amazon.”

Having tried them as the heart of my latte, I can heartily recommend them.


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