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Check Out This Ice Cream at Central Market!

by Andrew Chalk

They are from Denver-based High Point Creamery, and sister coffee + ice cream concept, Eiskaffee. The two brands just landed in Central Market locations!

As featured in Bon Appetit for their signature Basil Blackberry Swirl (to die for), Real Simple, Food Network, Thrillist and more, High Point offers a great mix of both sweet (think Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Cookies 3 ways and Cream) and savory (Tin Cup Whiskey and Pistachio Brittle) and unique (Cornbread with Strawberry Jam!) flavors. While Eiskaffee offers a bit more German-inspired, traditional flavors like Strawberry, Lemon, Scotch Pudding and Honey & Bergamot Orange.

I just tried some samples and I am a demanding ice cream eater. I love ice cream but if you put poor quality (typically mass market or supermarket own brands) in front of me I get really generous about sharing them (giving away 100%). Quality ice cream is a different matter. These all qualify as the latter, and get extra kudos for the range of interesting flavors (listed above). They don't just repeat everybody else's. They need the critical public to buy into their trajectory. Join me in helping them out, you will love it!




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