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by Andrew Chalk

BurgerFi is coming to town, and they are shouting a very clear message: If you want the highest quality, environmentally conscious burgers, they are the answer. The 100+ site franchise opened its latest Dallas location (in The Arbors at Preston and Frankford) last week and, at a media event, the principals told me what makes this true:

✅ Black Angus beef raised without hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Never frozen;

✅ Fries hand-cut on premises from potatoes;

✅ Free-range chicken in the chicken sandwich;

✅ Non meat burger from Beyond Meat ®️;

✅ As well as the usual fare they have burgers crafted for sophisticated palates;

Take The CEO, the top of the line burger, for example. The two patties are a wagyu and brisket blend, between them is stuffed a layer of homemade candied bacon-tomato jam, truffle aioli, all interleaved with aged Swiss cheese. This was the first thing I tried and what struck me was that the meat, on its own, is so tasty! After trying my ‘bite off a corner’ test on countless burgers and finding blandness (and usually a palid meat color) was the usual result this burger was a breath of fresh air.

The Fi’ed Chicken Tenders are made with the same philosophy. Chicken that tastes like chicken and a texture that reminded me of three-day brining, so easily did it yield to the bite and so succulent it was in the mouth.

The Beyond Meat burger is vegan, but if you can’t take that leap quite yet order The Conflicted where an Angus meat patty and a Beyond Meat patty coexistence in the same bun.

My beverage of choice in a burger place is always a shake and the chocolate shake at BurgerFi is rich in intense, weaponized levels of chocolate. My only regret is that they don’t have my beloved banana. Apparently because I am the only person who orders that (first world problem). Beer and wine are also available.

Taken as a whole, BurgerFi has a clearly identified niche in the massive burger market -- unassailed quality and environmental awareness -- and is pursuing it convincingly. There are now five metroplex locations including two in Dallas (the other Dallas location is at Mockingbird and U.S.-75). Based on the bustling trade last Friday night I would expect more locations to open going forward.


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