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Barbecue Stop: Smoke Shack, Hamilton, TX

by Andrew Chalk

I have an abiding dislike for Hamilton County, having received a revenue-raising speeding ticket there a few years ago. However, if you have to drive through, maybe making your way from Dallas to The Hill Country, consider stopping in the county town of Hamilton at Smoke Shack for good, reasonably-priced, Texas barbecue.

Smoke Shack does not have a website, has only a few tables inside (most not in use during COVID restrictions), looks like it would fall down under the force of a heavy sneeze, but is charming in its own quirky way.

Inside, the spritely lady at the helm has worked the knife for a term of 47 years.

We ordered brisket burnt ends which came served juicy but maybe a little too salty in the rub. Pork ribs featured fall-off-the-bone meat and scrumptious flavors. Sausage was snappy to the tooth and tasty dipped in the the dark, vivid, barbecue sauce. The side of potato salad is recommended.

Bottom line: I will pick up takeout from Smoke Shack again - even though it is in Hamilton County.



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