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Announcing the Appellation Marlborough Wine 'Annual Collection'

Dog Point Vineyard - East Ridge View
Dog Point Vineyard - East Ridge View



Appellation Marlborough Wine (AMW) is proud to announce the Appellation Marlborough Wine Annual Collection. “This is an opportunity for AMW to put the lens back onto the serious side of Sauvignon Blanc,” says master sommelier Cameron Douglas.

Comprised of both classic and alternative styled Sauvignon Blancs, the Annual Collection will ‘make a case’ for Marlborough excellence says Amanda McRae, AMW’s co-ordinator. “The aim is to highlight the quality and distinctive flavour on offer when you choose 100% Marlborough.” The selection of AMW certified wine will be determined by a trio of judges each year, incorporating a representative from media, off-premise and on-premise. “We are delighted to welcome Emma Jenkins MW, Liz Wheadon, and Cameron Douglas MS as our inaugural tasting panel,” says Amanda. “They are experienced judges and leaders in their sector.”

“I was very chuffed to be asked to judge the AMW Annual Collection,” says Emma Jenkins MW. “I have followed AMW’s progress with interest since its inception, as I believe it is a very important and useful initiative for the region. To see AMW grow and gain in rigour and integrity is really pleasing and I’m looking forward to now being a small part of this progress.”

Glengarry general manager Liz Wheadon says that the Annual Collection is an opportunity to identify those achieving top notch quality. “Benchmarking is very important in the industry, in all categories. Without knowing what good (great) looks like, it is hard for new entrants or those striving to do better to know the direction to go.”

Cameron says that too many quality focussed Sauvignon Blanc producers - whether it's specific vineyards, parcels of fruit or permaculture managed sites - are getting lost in the noise. “This is the perfect time to showcase the best of the Sauvignon Blanc variety and 2022 vintage from a region of growing diversity and competition.”

The Annual Collection is open to all members with the structured blind tasting ensuring that every wine is evaluated for its merits in the glass.

Emma hopes the Appellation Marlborough Wine Annual Collection will demonstrate the quality and depth of certified Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. “There is no doubt that Marlborough is world class terroir for Sauvignon Blanc, and I’m hoping we will put together a collection that not only provides a benchmark for what’s in the market now, but also helps to spur on those who are serious about showing just how good Marlborough wines can be.”

The Annual Collection will provide a halo effect for the entirety of AMW. “It gives our forward thinking organisation another opportunity to celebrate its people and the breadth of our maturing region,” says Amanda.

“Highlighting success, breeds success,” says Liz. “Marlborough is a dynamic region that is full of colourful characters. I’m looking forward to next weeks tasting and getting under the skin of the region.”

The Annual Collection tasting is set for September 14th with the final selection and judges feedback presented by months end. ENDS

ABOUT APPELLATION MARLBOROUGH WINE: Appellation Marlborough WineTM was established in 2018 with a strict certification process that the region’s producers are able to apply for. The appellation is trademarked in all key global wine markets, and it is the legal recognition that sets it apart from other new world certification practises. In January 2022, Appellation Marlborough Wine strengthened its protocols by extending its certification practices to all varietals grown within the Marlborough region and incorporating a mandatory tasting component for its Sauvignon Blanc submissions.

Wines bearing the Appellation Marlborough Wine (AMW) quality mark provide consumers the following guarantees: ORIGIN – Wines are made from grapes that are 100% sourced from Marlborough. AUTHENTICITY – Wines must be bottled in New Zealand. INTEGRITY – Wines must be made from grapes cropped at or below set parameters, established according to soil type and vine density variability. If a proposed wine contains any portion exceeding that level, it must be approved by an independent panel of qualified, experienced local producers. SUSTAINABILITY – Vineyards are certified by a recognised sustainable viticulture scheme.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Amanda McRae | AMW Administrator |

Ivan Sutherland | AMW Chairman |

Facebook & Instagram | @appellationmarlboroughwine Twitter | @amwinenz #askforAMW



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