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A Really Tasty Instant Meal

by Andrew Chalk

I love lunch after a long stretch absorbed in work, but I also have to have a lunch that is quick to prepare. I am always looking for new choices. A new choice came to my rescue last week. Kencko has created shelf stable, nutrient-dense meals ready in minutes that continue the brand’s mission of making the consumption of whole fruits and vegetables convenient, delicious and sustainable.

Launching February 16, kencko meals are designed by Registered Dieticians in addition to Chefs. All six mouth-watering meals are organic, plant-based, and naturally high in fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Current bowl varieties include:

  • Wild Mushroom Cousotto - rich, earthy and satisfying

  • Mediterranean “Couscous” - grain-free, packed with veggies

  • Beetroot Soup - bright and vibrant

  • Minestrone - a classic, big tomato energy

  • Lentil Dhal - complex and aromatic,10 different herbs and spices

I am going to put a shout out for the last one if you enjoy Indian food as much as I do!

Preparation is so absurdly easy, even I can do it. Empty boiling water into the supplied bowl. Empty the soup package into the bowl. Put the lid on and leave for 5 minutes. The water soaks into the dried soup and when you open it -- Instant meal! Unlike a lot of instant food these meals are truly tasty. You might want to try it with naan bread.

Available only on and starting at $5.90 for subscribers, a subscription contains an assorted box of 12 bowls. Subscriptions are flexible, allowing for pause or cancellation any time, even after one box and your first box comes with a free insulated bowl and spork. Plus each box of 12 kencko bowls saves around 3.5 pounds of food waste!



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