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A Cocktail Recipe From Equiano Rum


 Sweet Freedom Sour 

As a sexy, luxurious twist on the classic Whiskey Sour, this recipe is the perfect concoction for cocktail lovers and at-home bartenders who want to enjoy elevated drinks within the comfort of their home bar. Gather friends and family to indulge in this gorgeous Sweet Freedom Sour for a cozy, relaxed celebration of National Cocktail Day.


1.5 oz Equiano Original 

0.25 oz Grand marnier 

0.75oz Real Black Cherry Puree 

0.75oz lemon 

1 egg white 

4 drops chocolate bitters 

2 dashes orange bitters 

Lemon zest 

Shaved chocolate  

Cherry garnish



  • Add ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake for 10-15 seconds.

  • Fine strain into another shaker without ice and shake for 10 more seconds.

  • Strain into chilled coupe glass.  

  • Zest with lemon.

  • Garnish with shaved chocolate and a cherry on a cocktail skewer.



The Equiano Rum Co. is the world’s first African & Caribbean rum brand, offering two award-winning rums: Equiano Original and Equiano Light. Since its launch in 2020, multi award-winning Equiano has become the fastest-growing independent rum brand globally and the first to be enjoyed on every continent.

Co-founders Aaisha Dadral, Amanda Kakembo and Ian Burrell set out to create something category-defining, whilst reclaiming the narrative around the history of rum, which is why Equiano is the only rum named after an enslaved historical figure - Nigerian-born writer, entrepreneur, abolitionist and freedom fighter Olaudah Equiano, the man who paved his way to liberation through selling puncheons of rum. The majority BIPOC and female-owned brand goes beyond the pour to honor its namesake, proudly pledging 5% of global company profits and £/$2 of every bottle sold through to Anti Slavery International, contributing to changing the lives of over 17,000 people to live a life free from modern-day slavery.

Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell created this acclaimed rum in collaboration with IWSC & ISC Rum Producer of the Year Richard Seale. Each bottle of Equiano Original is a limited-batch blend from one of the best emerging distilleries in the world, Gray’s in Mauritius, and the world-renowned Barbadian distillery Foursquare. Bringing these two rum purists together means that Equiano is 100% true rum, completely uncompromised, natural with no spices, no additives and no added sugar. It’s just rich and deep in flavors that come from the ex-Cognac and ex-Bourbon barrels that it tropically matures in. Recognised by the world's most prestigious spirits awards, Equiano Original has achieved annual gold medals from: Spirits Selection, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, International Wine and Spirits Competition (with over 96 points)and International Spirits Challenge, making the liquid one of the most highly acclaimed rums in the world today.

The brand’s second release, Equiano Light is a refreshingly unique blend of lightly aged molasses rum from the Caribbean, fused with fresh sugar cane juice rum from Africa and has a sophistication you might expect from a darker rum. Equiano Light has also been recognised, holding multiple gold awards from International Wine and Spirits Competition, International Spirits Challenge, San Francisco World Spirits Competition and The Spirits Business Rum Masters, laying a bright future for premium lightly aged rums in the years ahead.


Equiano Original Cost Per Unit: $59.99.

Equiano Light Cost per Unit: $45.99.


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