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WINE REVIEW: Trapiche 2015 Iscay Malbec Cabernet Franc, Mendoza Argentina ($55)

by Andrew Chalk

Combining leading, experienced winery Trapiche with the tastiness of Argentine-grown Malbec and the particular singularity of Cabernet Franc is a recipe for success. Winemaker Daniel Pi ingratiated himself with the audience on a recent Zoom call as he described the terroir and winemaking behind this premium wine, one of the halo wines in the Trapiche portfolio.

Vineyards are dominated by the magnificent awe of the Andes mountains from which melting snow provides flood irrigation of over 350,000 acres of some of Argentina’s best vineyards. Some 70% of Argentine wine comes from Mendoza province.

Winemaking behind this 70% Malbec/30% Cabernet Franc blend is highlighted by careful fruit selection and measured use of oak (18 months in new French oak). Released comparatively late (five years after the 2015 harvest), the wine has shed any harsh notes and projects itself as a fully resolved example of a full-bodied red. The Malbec contributes aroma of violets, a deep red color, and a hint of spiciness. The Cabernet Franc exhibits its characteristic pyrazine bouquet (like green peppers) but keeps it firmly reined-in to be a condiment, not the main course.

The winemaker calls this wine ‘elegant and complex’. I completely agree. However, for maximum enjoyment, do buy one bottle for now and at least one for 2031. It’s a keeper.

In wide distribution.


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