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WINE REVIEW: Marques de Casa Concha 2019 Pinot Noir, Quebrada Seca Vineyard, D.O. Valle Del Limari,

by Andrew Chalk

From the winery...

“The fearless mind leading Marques de Casa Concha, one of Chile’s most prestigious wine brands, is Marcelo Papa. Considered a pioneer in the wine industry, his vision and innovative spirit led him to identify and establish new origins, intending to create wines with a signature style that perfectly represents the unique characteristics of each variety.”


Appearance: Light, translucent, cherry;

Nose: Cherry fruit. Fleeting hints of oak;

Palate: A fresh, fruit-driven wine. Licorice flavors and flashes of oak.


The style here is very different from the Sosie Sonoma County Pinot Noir we tasted yesterday. This wine is tart and fruit-prime. Sosie was herbal and laid-back. Both have a place, and illustrate the versatility of the pinot noir grape.


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