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WINE REVIEW: Louis Martini, 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, ‘Cypress Ranch Vineyard’, Napa Valley, CA ($100

by Andrew Chalk

Appearance: Opaque deep blackberry with ruby hints;

Nose: Initially pronounced fruitiness of raisins, black cherries and some pluminess. After some time mocha, coffee, mint.

Palate: Grippy tannins point to a long life. Raspberry and blackberry fruit are intense and ripe. Earthy, thyme and rosemary nuances. Briary and herbal flavors become more pronounced after an hour or so of opening.

People write of wine having multiple layers of sensory experience. This wine is a great example of that. Especially the nose that evolves from a straightforward grapey aroma to a complex cauldron of primary and secondary essences. Let this breathe (or decant) for most enjoyment and it will reward you.





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