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WINE REVIEW: Imagery Has Two New Releases

2019 Sauvignon Blanc, California ($17)

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, California ($20)

by Andrew Chalk

Imagery is a brand of Benziger Family Winery which is in turn owned by The Wine Group. Imagery is at a lower price point than the Benziger wines, pitched for everyday drinking. They also differ in an idiosyncratic way that appears to be the hallmark of winemaker Jamie Benziger, son of the founder, Joe Benziger. Each wine contains small amounts of another grape that adds no more that a facet that makes the wine distinctive. In the case of the sauvignon blanc it is muscat, fermented dry, that adds a touch of honey and body on the palate. It also breaks the high acid that sometimes discourages buyers from choosing sauvignon blanc. Quaff this wine by the pool on a hot summer day or pair with roast chicken.

It would be interesting to see Jamie Benziger make a Bordeaux style sauvignon blanc in which sémillon substituted for the muscat.

The cabernet sauvignon is spiked with petite sirah. As well as contributing to opacity it adds a touch of cloves, and juicy dark fruit to the palate.

Both wines are good value.




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