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WINE REVIEW: Gradis’ciutta, 2018 Ribolla Gialla, Collio, Italy ($22)

by Andrew Chalk

Gradis’ciutta is in Collio, in eastern Italy,

An ancient white varietal that is rarely seen elsewhere, Ribolla Gialla can be traced back to the 13th century and is the oldest known variety in Collio. In the late 1400s, when the Duke of Austria established reign over Trieste one of his requirements was that the city supply him

with 100 urns of the region's best Ribolla wine each year. Although the Phylloxera epidemic took a toll on this varietal in the 19th century, it has been replanted and is returning to popularity. Typically, it produces a light-bodied white wine with high acidity, and notes of stony minerality, citrus, floral, apple, and creaminess on the palate.

Ribolla Gialla can also be used to make “orange wine” through the skin contact method.

Pair with: deep fried seafood, fresh salads

This wine has a medium gold color. A nose of honey, cooking apples, peach stone, and Meyer lemon. On the palate it has a substantial mouthfeel, peach and citrus flavors stand out, but there is a hint of hazelnut as well.


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