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WINE REVIEW: Ferrari Brut, ‘Metodo Classico’ Trento DOC, Italy ($25)

by Andrew Chalk

This is not a Prosecco. Rather, it is an Italian wine produced using the same technique used in Champagne. That used to be called ‘méthode champenoise’ but a change in EU law prohibited the use of references to Champagne when labelling wines from other places. Hence, this label uses the traditional Italian designation for the Champagne method, metodo classico.

The grapes originate from the Trento DOC in the Trentino-Alto Adige region in the north east of Italy. They are 100% Chardonnay, the most used grape in Champagne. The wines are vinified dry, and labelled Brut - just like Champagne. It is starting to look like the modus operandi here is an Italian Champagne. But how is the wine?

The nose has a rich yeasty, bready note. The flavor is rich with the bready notes and toasty influences. There is a clearly defined backbone and a long, warm finish.

Should we accept the Trento challenge to Champagne? Based on this, and other Trento DOC wines, I would say the gauntlet has been thrown down. If you have an event where you would serve Champagne, then add a bottle of this Ferrari, and see if you think it is a viable alternative.




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