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WINE REVIEW: Dog Point 2019 Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand ($25)

by Andrew Chalk

Dog Point wines are hand-crafted (and handpicked) from estate fruit grown on some of the oldest vines and best sites in Marlborough, New Zealand – some plantings dating back to the 1970s. Dog Point’s focus on soil health through organic farming, use of native yeasts, pruning and a non-interventionist style of winemaking all point to a quality and detail-obsessed producer intimately familiar with its iconic region. In the warmer weeks ahead, enjoy this great wine that is perfect for summer sipping.

As for the dogs, you ask? The name “Dog Point” dates back to the earliest European settlement of Marlborough when boundary-keeping dogs were employed to protect the local flocks of sheep. Wandering shepherd’s dogs roamed the region and thus the area was named Dog Point. Today, there is a friendly pack of dogs on site that greet guests at the vineyard.

Appearance: Light straw;

Nose: Herbaceous, lemon, green apples, grapefruit;

Palate: Citrus fruit and herbaceous flavors. High acid.




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