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WINE REVIEW: Chalk Hill 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, Estate Bottled, Chalk Hill, Sonoma Co. ($38)

by Andrew Chalk

Anything with Chalk in the name has got to be superior, right? Well, at least when it comes to wine. Chalk Hill, seemingly immune to the swirling tides of change in the wine industry, remains a small to medium-sized producer driven by a focus on making quality wine. Old-fashioned, yes. Unoriginal, yes. But, consistent, reliable, and engendering deep customer loyalty.

Take this wine as an example. In fact, share it with a fan of European sauvignon blanc, maybe from the Loire in northern France. It is not the same style as the francophone wines, nor would the two be confused. But it is recognisable as the same grape, from a warmer climate, and with winemaking cognizant of the domestic palate for a nod to fruit amid the crisp acidic backbone.

This is one of the most distinctive California sauvignon blancs in the market and comes recommended, despite initial sticker-shock. Plaudits to Courtney Foley. Can be quaffed to your favorite streamed show or seize on the approachability of sauvignon blanc with food. The winery sent me a recipe suggestion from winery chef Alec Graham so I reproduced it below.


Appearance: Light straw;

Nose: Grassy, vegetal;

Palate: Citrus flavors of lime and Meyer lemon, framed by medium plus acid, wonderful symbiosis of fruit and acid.


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