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WINE REVIEW: Cakebread 2021Chardonnay, Napa Valley, CA ($45)

by Andrew Chalk

This month, Cakebread Cellars is releasing the newest vintages of Merlot and Chardonnay perfect for fire-side sipping.

The new 2019 Napa Valley Merlot, making its debut just in time for Merlot month, boasts familiar flavors of blackberry and plum, showcasing the richness and elegance treasured in the varietal. This merlot pairs beautifully with the season’s most loved dishes, including meatloaf, lamb chops, or filet mignon.

Looking for a crowd-pleaser for an upcoming gathering? The 2021 vintage of Cakebread Cellars’ flagship Napa Valley Chardonnay is silky with flavors of apple, citrus and pear balanced by refreshing acidity. This golden wine can accompany pre-dinner charcuterie to bring out the wine’s underlying hits of vanilla and lemon or pasta tossed with seafood.

I had a chance to taste the Chardonnay. Here are my thoughts.


Appearance: Medium straw color;

Nose: Light oak, baked apple, juicy lemon, peach, butterscotch;

Taste: Grippy texture in the mouth. Laced with fruits of peach, apricot and baked apple.




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