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WINE REVIEW: 2018 Tenuta Sant Antonio ‘Scaia’, Garganega/Chardonnay, Trevenezie IGT ($11)

by Andrew Chalk

Trevenezie IGT encompasses is a large and viticulturally indistinct region, encompassing the whole of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, and Trentino. This wine is a blend of 55% Garganega and 45% Chardonnay. Recall, Garganega is the largest component of Soave.

Appearance: bright, medium straw;

Nose: Peanuts, Meyer lemon, lime;

Palate: Citrus, the Meyer lemon and lime again, a little bit of phenolic backbone (presumably from the Chardonnay). A touch of sulphur/farmyard as well which does detract from the wine unfortunately. Hopefully it will blow off or is just a sample issue.


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