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WINE: A Good Time for White Bordeaux

by Andrew Chalk

White Bordeaux wine producers are worth a look right now. They have had steadily improving quality and prices remain reasonable. The grape blend is typically sauvignon blanc (43%) and sémillon (45%), with trace amounts of muscadelle (5%) and other grapes. That gives the wines a taste that distinguishes them from the straight sauvignon blanc wines grown elsewhere and a weightier body that gives them the heft to pair with more types of food. I wish more American sauvignon blanc producers used sémillon in their blend.

The trade offered a tasting recently featuring the three examples below. All are fine examples and great values. My personal favorite was the last one. It is slightly more expensive, reflecting its origin in the

AOP of Graves, the best-known of the production areas below. Graves is only 7% of Bordeaux wine production so as demand increases reflecting quality, so do prices.

Château Lestrille, Entre-deux-Mer blanc, 2020 ($20)

Château Ducasse, Bordeaux Blanc, 2020 ($18)

Château Pontet-Reynaud, Graves, 2017 ($19)




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