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Where To Stay In San Antonio?

by Andrew Chalk

San Antonio: In a city with so many hotels, where does one stay?

To my mind there is one hotel that sits head and shoulders above most others, and that is the Omni La Mansion Del Rio. Recently, they were my host. In the past, I have been a paying guest. I always come away feeling that it was worth it. Its advantages are compelling.

First, location. It is right on the Riverwalk. Secure a room on The Riverwalk side and the view from your balcony is a peephole onto life in the heart of San Antonio. In the early morning, there is just the periodic jogger or early morning walker. By lunchtime growing crowds have swelled to pour into the restaurants serving a vast variety of cuisines to a mass of humanity. By nightfall, music fills the air, as those same restaurants take on their alter egos to create dreams for some lucky vacationers.

Even the ‘backside’ of the hotel has its virtues. While only a block away from the crowded Riverwalk, it is near empty. A short walk from an ice cream shop, the Majestic Theatre, or Segway Nation. It is also easy to get an Uber or Lyft ride here, which turns the Mansion into a gateway to the rest of the city.

Second, the room. Large, precise climate control, fast Internet (no problem streaming), spacious shower and more channels on the TV than I have at home. Good quality in-room coffee and a Keurig coffee maker. Plus, everything worked! How many times have I found myself in a hotel where I am doing the uncompleted maintenance? Not here. On the special requests advance questionnaire I asked for Mini Moo creamer, not the powdered stuff that pervades most hotel rooms. They remembered!

I was put on the third floor and I would describe it as ideal. High enough for outside noise to not be a problem but low enough to see the action down below. French doors open onto the balcony so you can let the fresh air in.

Third, the pool. Set outside, in a square in the center of the hotel, it is long enough to do laps, and has enough room around it to easily get a lounger for sunbathing.

Four Brothers: San Antonio 'Chili Queens' Chili
Four Brothers: San Antonio 'Chili Queens' Chili

Fourth, the food and drink. Chef Andres Farias has put together a menu in Four Brothers (the marquee restaurant) that has something for everybody. If you can, get a table on the patio to watch life go by. Inside, separate areas allow you to choose the bar, the kitchen area, or the main restaurant sitting area.

Finally, the service. Always the make-or-break thing with a hotel. The staff here are superior people. They love their jobs and they love you being there. I didn’t need housekeeping on my stay, but they graciously refilled coffee supplies when I asked. In the lobby and at the carport they acknowledge you as well.

There are only a few cities where I have a favorite hotel, but the Omni La Mansion Del Rio is my go-to place in San Antonio.

Location, location, location - right on the core of The Riverfront
Location, location, location - right on the core of The Riverfront


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