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Values from Spain


Generally, 'go to' wines for summer outdoor entertaining are refreshing and thirst-quenching whites and rosés served chilled. But what if it's 90 degrees outside, and you're serving BBQ steak for lunch and you need a red wine to pair with it? or what if your guests only drink red wine and might find it harder to enjoy a red wine outside on a hot summer day?

Most people think that only certain red wines should be chilled - but many wine experts believe that we could all do with drinking our red wine a little bit cooler. If you were to serve a bottle of any red wine at room temperature (or above if it's been sitting outside), you risk the wine tasting flat, flabby and a little too alcoholic. Chilling your reds can be a refreshing complement to a range of dishes that might otherwise be underwhelming if paired with an 'un-chilled' red wine.

So we invite you to try for yourself with these three 'chillable' El Coto wines on offer for your review consideration. Please let me know if you would like to receive samples. Thanks as always for your time and support. Cheers, Donna

El Coto Blanco 2022 - SRP $11.99 Varieties: 93% Viura, 4% Sauvignon Blanc, 3% Verdejo Appellation: Rioja Vineyard: Finca Carbonera Tasting Notes: Crafted predominately from estate grown Viura grapes, indigenous to Rioja, this refreshing wine is fermented at low temperatures to maximize the fresh, zesty citrus flavors. Pairs with fresh seafood. Enjoy chilled.

El Coto Rose 2021 - $11.99 Varieties: 90% Tempranillo, 10% Garnacha Appellation: Rioja Vineyard: Los Almendros Tasting Notes: Produced from 90% Tempranillo and 10% Garnacha estate grown grapes, it’s salmon pink color is the result of a short skin maceration. Round and elegant on the palate, this Rosado is fermented at low temperatures to maximize the strawberry and red currant aromas and flavors. Pairs well with your favorite salad. Enjoy chilled.

El Coto Crianza 2019 - $16.99 Variety: 100% Tempranillo Appellation: Rioja Tasting Notes: Produced from 100% Tempranillo, this native varietal is fermented and aged in oak for at least 12 months with an additional six months resting in bottle, prior to release. El Coto Crianza is exceptionally balanced with layers of fresh raspberry, cherry, spice and toasted oak, building to a silky finish. Perfectly complements a variety of meats and cheeses. Enjoy chilled.


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