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by Andrew Chalk

Earlier this week I reported the case of a Texas winery that had never received the medal they won at a conference organized by the same person who organizes the New York International Wine Competition (NYIWC). Well, great news. That organizer, Adam Levy, was alerted to the issue and immediately contacted me. We spoke, and he profusely apologized to Andrew Snyder of Chapel Creek Winery and took responsibility for the medal not being sent. Apparently, he had delegated the task of sending out the medal and the person to whom he delegated it did not do so.

He further Fedexed the medal for Saturday delivery and this morning a delighted Andrew Snyder reported that he had received it.

That’s a pretty exceptional response that demonstrates a serious intent to make things right. On that basis, it sounds quite fine to enter wines in the NYIWC and, in fact, Levy actively encourages Texas wineries to do so. Based on the resolution to the problem above I would urge Texas wineries, when they allocate their budgets to shows, to put the NYIWC in the same category as the extant top grade national wine competitions: The San Francisco International Wine Competition and the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. The fact it is on the other coast is likely to see more European competition in the mix. A good challenge for Texas wines!



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