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The Siddiqui Blue Flame Will Never Die


Despite Saudi Arabia and Texas oil industries massively shifting towards renewables, the Siddiqui Rum Blue Flame will never die.

If you're still in Oil, or have transitioned to Solar or Wind, be aware that our world was built on oil and working in Saudi, Siddiqui Rum was the outlet for Texan oil workers against a backdrop of Prohibition. Siddiqui was the gift of relaxation the oil workers all made for themselves.

There are so many stories, some more illicit than others. They kept the workers going making the ‘best damn moonshine this world has seen’. Work hard, play hard is the oil drillers’ moto, deep in the bad ass desert of exotic Arabia pulling the black gold.

Texans have an appreciation for drilling and moonshining.

With the help of SoCAL and Texaco in the early 1930’s of Saudi based American makers of Siddiqui Rum, this was the new gold frontier of oil helping build our planet.

'The Desert Moonshiner' was something that came about because of necessity, rather than choice. Not so much moonlighting, but blue-flaming.

Desert Moonshiners meticulously built their own stills and with the tried-and-true Blue Flame, made some of the best damn booze. Jack Daniels and Walkers have got nothing on this juice.

Siddiqui was the code word for moonshine used by eastern and western foreigners bound together by the forbidden drink.

Being parched after a long hot day, there wasn’t a lot to do in the compound so they let loose. Boy did they party. The parties are legendary, never to be repeated.

And it wasn't just the men. It was a whole family affair. Wives and the children all helped when needed.

Siddiqui was made by Texans in a faraway land and has come back home. Just talk to “Red” of the Red Adaire fighting group, during the Kuwait fires, before boots touched the ground, someone was ordered to make Siddiqui for the legend. “Nobody approaches a fire unless they got a few Siddiqui’s in’ em

There is no one else except two good old Texan Oil boys! We take a bow to you, Aaron Hees, Rich Chimblo. Then the young ones are Nigel Brown and Theresa Huisman!

Aaron’s been in the oil business for 40 years. Rick’s been the chief geologist for a prominent oil company in Saudi Arabia and was the best damn moonshiner, period!

And we can throw in a Brit, “Nigel Brown”, party organizer, young desert moonshiner, entrepreneur and builder of brands, and Theresa Huisman another passionate desert moonshiner and you have a cocktail of passionate folks sharing with the world this amazing product, Siddiqui Rum.

This story is about pioneers, oilmen and their strong women, that made it happen, living in a constrained world, we made better for ourselves and the world around us, the lives they led, the parties like no other, everyone on the same boat blazing new trails. This is their story!

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