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The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation Launches New Online Self-Assessment Tool Free to Support and Connect Growers on their Regen Journey


LONDON, May 23, 2024 — The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation (RVF), a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable future for vineyards, growers and the planet, has launched the RV Guide – a guide to practices considered useful in farming vines regeneratively. The new RV Guide is a free online self-assessment tool to help growers recognise the good practices they already have in their vineyards, gauge their level of integration and discover new practices.

Stephen Cronk, Chair of the RVF, commented, “Interest in regenerative viticulture has exploded over the last year or so with more consumers driving demand. Despite this, growers can find it difficult to get the help they need on starting their regenerative transition or to find a trusted agronomist or consultant with the necessary expertise. We are finding that the best way to learn about implementing a practice is by building local support networks or communities, so through the RV Guide, we aim to connect growers at different stages of their regen journey and allow them to share their knowledge.”

The RV Guide includes information and resources on 16 practices which the RVF considers useful to farming vines regeneratively, with a focus on principles that are restorative rather than extractive and work in concert with nature rather than against it. 

  1. Monitoring soil health

  2. Soil organic matter

  3. Inter row tillage

  4. Undervine tillage

  5. Decompaction

  6. Soil/ground cover

  7. Cover crops

  8. Vine fertility/nutrition and composting

  9. Animal integration

  10. Water use

  11. Herbicide use

  12. Fungal control

  13. Insect control

  14. Biodiversity

  15. Agroforestry

  16. Ecosystem design

The RV Guide takes the form of a questionnaire where growers determine how confident they feel in their ability to implement each of the practices, enabling the RVF to identify where growers most feel they need support to best direct resources. 

Growers can also record what their current practices are, using accompanying explanatory information with links to other resources. This information can be updated as they improve their practices, allowing growers to chart their progress. 

Through the RV Guide, growers can also be included in a map of producers interested in regenerative practices – from those who are just starting to become curious about regenerative farming, to those who are highly experienced. Vineyards can be filtered by practice and region.

During its beta testing stage alone, the RV Guide was accessed by 190 individual users including wine producers, growers and RV advisors, who registered 120 vineyards in the map. It has received endorsements from RV practitioners across the globe. 


About Regenerative Viticulture Foundation

The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation (RVF) is a registered non-profit dedicated to creating a sustainable future for vineyards, growers and the planet. It inspires the transition towards regenerative viticulture through science, communication and support for growers. It has board representation from the UK, Denmark, France and the USA, is aligned with non-profits the Porto Protocol, International Wineries for Climate Action, the Sustainable Wine Roundtable and the Associación Viticultura Regenerativa.

For further information, please visit: The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation

For producers interested in the practices included in the RV Guide there is information in the ‘toolkit’ section of the RVF website Toolkit - The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation



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