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Mala Mia Mezcal Is Looking to Dominate Market Share With The Launch Of Its First Four Expressions

New York, New York [JULY 12, 2023] - Today, Mala Mia Mezcal has joined the spirits industry with the launch of its four expressions: Espadín, Ensamble, Cuishe, and Tepeztate; each expression named after the species of agave that is used to produce the mezcal. Mala Mia’s decision to use different agave plants per expression allows for a well-rounded range, giving vastly different experiences from mouthfeel to finish.

Mala Mia is traditionally distilled by its maestro (master) mezcalero, Saturnino Martínez Méndez in the village of Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico. Made from the hearts of wild-harvested agave, these plants, which can take anywhere between 6-26 years to mature, are cut down whole, which is where Mala Mía got its name. Mala Mia, which roughly translates to “my bad”, is Mala Mia Mezcal’s way of paying respects to the mighty Maguey for so generously giving its life to be reborn as a beautiful spirit.

“Releasing the four expressions at launch was an intentional decision," says Devin Adams, Mala Mia’s Founder. It allows us to quickly and efficiently introduce different varieties of mezcal to consumers, which aligns with our greater mission to familiarize and educate mezcal and tequila drinkers. Mezcal is a widely misunderstood spirit. We want to eliminate the perception that mezcal is a ‘smoky tequila.’ That’s neither accurate, nor does it pay respect to the ancient Aztec spirit. We want Mala Mia to be known globally as the brand that expanded and elevated the mainstream perception of mezcal - shifting the narrative to an intriguing, premium spirit category that encompasses a wide spectrum of agave types, flavor profiles, and price points.”

Below are the four different varieties currently offered

About: Named after its sword-shaped leaves, Espadín is the most well-known and widely available of the Magueys, making 95% of Mezcal imported into the U.S. Unlike other Espadín mezcals that are roasted for 7 days, Mala Mia Espadín is roasted for just 4 days, giving its Espadín a smooth, well-balanced flavor that’s slightly sweeter and less smoky.

Tasting Notes: Mandarin, slate, and pine

Price: $54.99

About: Mala Mia’s Ensamble is not a ‘mezcal blend’, but a carefully curated medley of two or more agave varieties that are roasted, fermented, and distilled together in a single batch. The result is a multilayered flavor journey with different tasting notes, not unlike a fine perfume. Mala Mia’s Ensamble starts with the mineral and herbal flavors of Cuishe and finishes on the more flavorful notes of TEPEZTATE, with Espadín forming a solid, fruity base.

Tasting Notes: Eucalyptus, cranberry, and caramel

Price: $79.99

About: The Cuishe’s long, tree-like shape with the piña growing upright on a dense, fibrous stalk means yields from this species are very small. With its dry, tannic, and herbaceous flavor profile, Mala Mia’s Cuishe is the perfect choice for gin-lovers, and those eager to experience a truly fresh perspective on mezcal.

Tasting Notes: Pear, honeysuckle, and caramel

Price: $99.99

About: The Tepeztate weighs up to 890 lbs and is infamous among Palenqueros as a species that is as difficult to harvest as it is to transport. This, combined with the fact that the Tepeztate takes up to 28 years to mature, makes Mala Mia’s Tepeztate one of the rarest and most exclusive mezcals in its portfolio.

Tasting Notes: Cranberry, cake, and yogurt

Price: $129.99

Mala Mia Mezcal ranges from $59.99 to $129.99 and can be purchased online at or select stores in New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida.


Devin Adams is the founder of Mala Mia and WARBEVCO. Before entering the spirits industry, Devin graduated from the United States Military Academy (also known as West Point) and attended Law School at Vanderbilt University. Post graduation, Devin founded WARBEVCO, a craft alcohol distribution company specializing in importation, private labeling, and brand building. WARBEVCO was Devin’s first foray into the spirits world. After the launch of WARBEVCO in 2020, Devin took a personal trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. The trip was only supposed to be 10 days and ended up lasting a year. In those 12 months, Devin was captured by the Mexican culture and the artistry that went into making mezcal that he decided to make his own brand. After many iterations, that brand became Mala Mia.



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