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Tanteo Pumps Flavor Into Its Tequila

by Andrew Chalk

Distilled, infused and bottled by hand in Juanacatlán, Mexico, Tanteo Tequila remains committed to economic and social equality as well as environmental sustainability from its inception. With spicy infused tequilas made with hand-cut and selected peppers like spicy Jalapeño, smokey Chipotle and extra spicy Habanero, Tanteo is expertly crafted to make the perfect spicy margarita. Tanteo’s spicy infused tequilas eliminate the guesswork and ensure a consistent flavor with each pour — see HERE for recipe inspiration!

Both the super-premium tequila and spice categories have been on fire, experiencing volume growth of over 1,000% in the last 16 years1 and a rapid increase in US pepper consumption (up over 700% in 20 years)2 with the spicy margarita being coined the drink of our times in 20203. Tanteo Tequila is the original spicy tequila and the largest independently owned ultra-premium tequila brand in the United States.




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