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Subterra Wines Debut with Los Olivos District Pinot Noir

by Andrew Chalk

I tried the 2022 Los Olivos District Pinot Noir ($23) and found it to be an approachable and pleasant example of New World pinot noir. It is good to see 3 Badge Beverage offer a wine like this at such an atractive price. I see it being popular as a regular dinner wine and on-premise as a wine-by-the-glass.





Subterra Wines Debut with Los Olivos District Pinot Noir


Sonoma Based 3 Badge Beverage Corp. Announces Release of New Wine Label


SONOMA, Calif. (May 7, 2024) — Subterra Wines, the latest addition to wine and spirits négociant 3 Badge Beverage Corporation, today announced the release of its inaugural vintage –  the 2022 Los Olivos District Pinot Noir with an SRP of $23/750 ml. Sourced from fruit in the Los Olivos District, a subregion of the Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara County, this 100 percent Pinot Noir wine features a light and fruit-forward profile.


“The addition of Subterra Wines allows us to broaden our portfolio and offerings to wine consumers,” said 3 Badge President, August Sebastiani, a fourth-generation vintner. “In true négociant form, we navigate the wine industry to curate unearthed wine offerings from various regions as a result of our longstanding grower relationships. We are thrilled to share our first offering from the Central Coast.”  


Inspired by the family’s rich history of carting cobblestones to San Francisco in the early 1900s, an illustrated barn made from stone set in wine country is featured on the label. The silvery gold foil used to highlight Subterra is reminiscent of the thin metallic flecks you might find in masonry stones.


The 2022 Los Olivos District Pinot Noir entices the nose with sweet aromatics of red maraschino cherry and licorice underscored by freshly cracked pepper and savory vegetal notes.

With a light, fruit-forward tasting profile this wine perfectly complements barbecued pulled pork sandwiches adorned with cranberry sauce or a decadent treat of chocolate-covered strawberries.

Subterra curates wines that reveal rich flavors and nuances of highly sought-after, meticulous vineyards. Subterra Wines Pinot Noir is nationally available and is produced by Sonoma-based 3 Badge Beverage Corp., established in 2015 by fourth-generation vintner, August Sebastiani.


About 3 Badge Beverage Corporation

Established in 2015, 3 Badge Beverage Corporation is a négociant representing an innovative portfolio of terroir-driven wines and craft spirits from around the globe. Headquartered out of a historic, refurbished fire station in Sonoma, California, 3 Badge is led by fourth-generation vintner August Sebastiani. Named for his grandfather’s volunteer firefighting service badges, 3 Badge is built upon a philosophy of exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to place. 3 Badge Mixology offers Bozal Mezcal, Pasote Tequila, Quechol Sotol, Uncle Val’s Gin, Kirk & Sweeney Rum, and Benjamin Chapman Whiskey, while 3 Badge Enology includes Gehricke Wines from Sonoma, Tree Fort Wines and subterra from the Central Coast, Cedar + Salmon wines from the Pacific Northwest, and Guinigi from northeast Italy. Additional information can be found at




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