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Societe Brewing Releases Light Beer

by Andrew Chalk


San Diego Based Societe Brewing’s perfect for Summer, Light Beer. Nostalgic of your favorite Summer days, Light Beer is inspired by warm leisurely days fueled with the lawnmower and beers of yesteryear.

Supporting its ethos to create everyday world-class beers, Light Beer has been long beloved even outside of Societe’s community of ‘beer folk’ having received Session India Pale Ale Gold at the Great American Beer Festival in 2015 and 2018. Consistently holding a place in beer drinkers hearts, resulting in it being added to Societes core lineup just last year, Light Beer is an easy drinking 4.5% ABV lager style beer using Sterling and Saaz hops blended with Pilsner malts to make the perfect crisp beverage to sip on a warm day. Encompassing all that is synonymous with those enviable summer months Light Beer pairs best with fresh cut lawns, tailgate, bbq’s and beach days.

Light Beer is available all year around in 12oz 6-packs and 12-packs, online and in select stores throughout California. Find the nearest location to you here.


Name: Light Beer

Pricing: $10.99 12oz 6 packs, $18.99 12oz 12 packs

Stats: 4.5% ABV

Availability: In cans and Societe’s Tasting room

Distribution: Throughout the U.S. online and in select stores throughout California, find the nearest location to you here.


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