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San Luis Obispo Vineyards at the Beginning of the Growing Season
San Luis Obispo Vineyards at the Beginning of the Growing Season

Media Release...

San Luis Obispo, CA: The San Luis Obispo (SLO) Coast Wine Collective—formerly SLO Wine Country—today announced the rollout of its new name and look in tandem with the launch of a new web site at

“Our new name and look better represent our uniqueness as an intimate ultra-coastal wine region on California’s Central Coast,” said Anne Steinhauer, executive director of SLO Coast Wine Collective. “We are amplifying what makes our wines different and our region so distinctive.”

The new SLO Coast Wine web site features a new logo mark and content that captures the essence of the SLO Coast experience, particularly the region’s seamless bonds between vine and ocean. The site was created by Makers & Allies of San Luis Obispo, and the new branding initiative is being underwritten by a generous grant provided by the California Department of Food & Agriculture.

SLO Coast Wine Collective’s overarching mission is to increase local, regional and global awareness of the SLO Coast wine region, which is increasingly renowned for its impeccable cool-climate wines, welcoming hospitality and coastal lifestyle. The collective is comprised of 30 member wineries.

SLO Coast resides on the seafront side of the coastal Santa Lucia mountain range in San Luis Obispo County. SLO Coast is California’s coolest winegrowing region. The vineyards are located just five miles from the Pacific Ocean on average. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and aromatic whites predominate across the region.

SLO Coast encompasses two small adjoining AVAs—Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande Valley—as well as neighboring vineyards in the Pismo, Avila and Cambria corridors. An umbrella AVA under the SLO Coast banner is in the works to capture the region’s unified growing conditions.

“We have considerable diversity within our region,” Steinhauer said. “Nevertheless, all of our wineries are united by clear commonalities: cool-climate wines, seafront soils, artisanal winemaking, and a distinctive coastal visitor experience.”

She added, “With our new name and refreshed look, we are now doing full justice to the singular qualities of the SLO Coast wine experience.”



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