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Premium Tequila Brand Launches in Greece – Includes Grand Launch Party in Mykonos


Chrome Horse Society Tequila Gallops into Greece: A Toast to Luxury and Refinement

Mykonos, Greece, September 7, 2023 — Chrome Horse Society, the epitome of exclusivity and sophistication, has embarked on a journey to Greece, unveiling its exceptional 100% Agave tequila. The launch marks a new chapter in the realm of luxury spirits, inviting a discerning audience to embrace a tequila that has taste and elegance beyond compare.

With its distribution partner, Live and Wander—a purveyor of luxury brands—the brand has ventured into the Greek market, with the hopes of captivating the hearts of new and existing tequila connoisseurs.

"Chrome Horse Society isn't just a tequila; it's an experience," declared Founder Jack Morgan. "Greece holds a special place in my heart, and the launch of Chrome Horse Society here is a momentous occasion. Our tequila resonates with the vibrant energy and rich culture of Greece, offering an experience tailored for those who seek to embrace sophistication in every facet of life."

Soula Liakou, owner of the renowned Cava Tagoo hotel and resort, echoes this sentiment, "Teaming up with Chrome Horse Society was a natural choice. The sophistication and allure of this tequila perfectly align with the essence of Cava Tagoo—an oasis of luxury and refinement."

The launch of Chrome Horse Society Tequila in Greece was celebrated in spectacular fashion with a star-studded soirée hosted at an exquisite villa. Distinguished guests from the equestrian and fashion worlds, including Dean and Dan Caten, Brian Kelly, Brad Goreski, Gary Janetti, Kevin Carrigan, and Eva Alexandridis. This event was an intimate reflection of the brand's ethos—exclusivity, fun, refinement, and elegance.

Visitors to Mykonos' renowned nightlife can look forward to savoring the Tequila of Chrome Horse Society at premium venues such as Cava Tagoo, Jackie O's, Hippie Fish, and Scorpios. These establishments have embraced the spirit of exclusivity, providing patrons with the opportunity to indulge in the remarkable journey of taste and elegance that Chrome Horse Society promises.

About Chrome Horse Society Tequila

Founded by Equestrian and Socialite Jack Morgan, Chrome Horse Society Tequila launched in the US in 2023 and is available in 35 states. The tequila encompasses a unique and exciting experience to the vast growing industry by inviting consumers to join the elegant society. Chrome Horse Society was founded on the aspiration to create a tequila as exquisite as those enjoying it.

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