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Oak & Eden Releases New Whiskey Expression Wheat & Honey

by Andrew Chalk

Oak & Eden, the Bridgeport, Texas-based practitioner of in-bottle finishing just released a new whiskey expression with a big party at Fort Worth's rooftop Atico restaurant at which I was an invited media guest. A stylish location for a stylish product. It is whiskey softened with honey and that makes for a spirit that, even sipped straight, is soft and rich. Gone is the hard bite of many whiskeys.

The company describes their in-bottle finishing process as follows:

"At Oak & Eden, we follow traditional distillation and aging to the letter, aging our whiskeys for at least three years in American Oak barrels.

We break tradition in the finishing (or double barrel) process, where instead of putting our fully aged whiskey in a second barrel to add more flavor coming naturally from the wood, we place in the bottle a Spire; a spiral-cut piece of oak fashioned from the same species and treatment as barrel oak.

This allows our whiskey to 'finish' or flavor naturally, producing rich, sweet flavors that could only come from the power of wood"

Solar Flare
Solar Flare

I tried the whiskey in four cocktails and was impressed. Then I tried it on-the-rocks which really convinced me how smooth it is.

Oak & Eden whiskies are available in over 1,500 locations nationwide. Check here for one near you or buy online.



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