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by Andrew Chalk

Eden Hill Vineyards, Celina Texas
Eden Hill Vineyards, Celina Texas

North Texas (the 22 counties in a region from Dallas/Fort Worth to the Red River which is the border with Oklahoma) is not usually thought of as wine making country. However, 26 wineries in the area have banded together and formed a trade association called North Texas Wine Country with the objective of marketing their wine. “The number of wineries in this area has exploded in the last decade but we feel we still need to get the word out that so many good wines are being made here” said Darlene Leike, Director.

North Texas Wine Country’s first event is coming up in just over a week. The public is invited to a grand tasting, including a blind tasting, on July 14th at the Addison Conference Center from 1pm-6pm. Over 40 wines from over 20 wineries will be tasted.

Later this Fall the association is sponsoring a wine trail to promote winery visitation.



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