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NEW DOGS OF THE WEEK! Elway and Blueberry, Ron Yates Wines

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

by Andrew Chalk

Ron, Elway, and Blueberry
Ron, Elway, and Blueberry (Ron is the one without the fur coat)

Ron Yates Wines between Johnson City and Hye is the home to two magnificent examples of the state dog of Texas - the Blue Lacy. Elway is the elder statesman and so named because owner Ron Yates is a huge Denver Broncos fan. Blueberry is only 2 and was named by Yates’ daughters.

Blue Lacys are thought to derive from greyhounds, bloodhounds and coyotes. They are intelligent dogs and were used to deal with a wild hog problem in Texas. They would herd the hogs into pens, a skill they picked up quickly.

At Ron Yates Wines Elway and Blueberry have a much more recreational life chasing ball and amusing the numerous visitors that throng the tasting room patio every weekend.



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