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Turner -- Hilmy Cellars

by Andrew Chalk

Turner, the 6 year old Golden Labrador at Hilmy Cellars, is a newcomer to Texas. He came from California about a year ago with Ron Moore, his owner and Hilmy Cellars General Manager. Ron says Turner’s name should really be Houdini, because he can escape from any yard that you pen him in.

He is also a “Ron magnet”. He follows Ron wherever he goes and, at home, settles into Ron’s chair, not any other, in the middle of the night to snooze.

The first thing you notice about Turner is that he is so frisky and alive. That all gets displayed when he first meets you at the tasting room. If you don’t see him right away then he is probably outside running through the winery’s estate vineyard.

One odd thing about Turner, his favorite food is rawhide chews. Once, he went to sleep with one in his mouth -- just to stop another dog taking it away.



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