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New Dog of the Week!

by Andrew Chalk

Lucy came to Eden Hill Vineyard’s Sales Manager and Wine Club Concierge Sheri Richter from a former employer after she lost her two labradors of 17 years. Sheri thinks that she must have been about a year old. She is part Labrador, part Border Collie, and maybe a bit of Pit Bull Terrier on account of her large mouth.

She can be an unpredictable lovey-dovey on walks. Without warning she will jump up and kiss you. One minute you are on a walk. Next, there is a big pink tongue on your cheeks. Shari thinks that this is Lucy’s way of saying thank you for being taken out.

As a treat, Shari makes peanut butter, oatmeal and almond milk freeze pops for her. She stuffs them inside a hard bone and they offer hours of enjoyment.

Shari started taking Lucy to work at Eden Hill and owners Clark and Linda Hornbaker quickly fell in love with her. Lucy loves children and is now a big star at Eden Hill’s busy tasting room. Everyone knows her, and calls her by name.



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