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MEZCAL MOMENT: Bozal Madrecuishe Single Maguey Mezcal, MX ($80)

by Andrew Chalk

Bozal Mezcal, a wildly refined label made from indigenous Mexican agave, is a single maguey (species) mezcal, the species being Madrecuishe, a member of the Karpinskii family of agaves from San Luis Amatlán in Oaxaca.

The producer describes this mezcal as “Complex and aromatic, Bozal Madrecuishe … is the ultimate autumnal sipping mezcal”

“Aromas of ripe jalapeño, cocoa and floral notes lead into a smooth palate of earthy beet and sweet potato flavors, complemented by a sweet minerality and hints of pollen. Green vegetal notes and a slight capsicum spice linger on the finish, making Madrecuishe a perfect pairing with black beans, chile-rubbed chicken or carnitas.”

“Madrecuishe is part of the Karwinskii family of agaves. It thrives in dry climates and typically grows in a tall, cylindrical shape. This unique agave’s dense core and low water content results in its pronounced minerality and vegetal and floral accents.”

“Bozal takes an artisanal approach toward production in order to create an unadulterated style of mezcal with Madrecuishe, and all its mezcals. In keeping with 200-year-old tradition, the agave hearts are cooked in earthen pit ovens, later to be crushed and mashed by a stone tahona wheel. Open-air fermentation allows the sugars to ferment utilizing only naturally occurring yeast. The mezcal is then purified through a double distillation process.”

Widely available.


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