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by Andrew Chalk

Travelers at Dallas Love Field Airport are in for a shock, if they haven’t seen it already. The pickup point for Uber, Lyft, and taxi service has been moved from outside the terminal door to the absolute furthest point of physical infrastructure and requires a walk from the gate of almost a full mile.

My Uber driver, Brad, said that not a single passenger he carries does not complain. “Everybody is mad at it.” he said.

Even the fittest section of the population is going to find the trek a massive physical exertion. Only one of six travelators worked on Sunday night and that failure rate is normal, according to Brad. People with disabilities might as well forget Uber, Lyft or taxis. The route from the passenger terminal is through barren corridors that, at the times they are empty, are a safety risk. Part of the route involves an ancient elevator. When I and another traveler took it, the door opened about three inches on arrival at level three, and then froze for five seconds, with us inside it! The thing is on the brink of failure.


Not a single passenger he carries does not complain. “Everybody is mad at it.”

-- Uber driver, Brad


The whole one mile trek idea is totally unnecessary. Move everything back to the terminal where, sure it was busy, but far, far, better than this outrageous so-called “solution” to a non-problem. God knows what possessed Love Field management to make such a change. Did they ask a single passenger first?

Why did Love Field management do this? Are they qualified to run an airport? Brad thought the idea was to harm Southwest Airlines traffic. “You wouldn’t believe the number of passengers I have had who have said they are just going to use DFW instead of Love”.

I have a request in to Southwest for their comments on the new system.

If management doesn’t switch things back quickly, then the Dallas City Council needs to replace management with people who will. The traffic loss is going to cost the city millions in taxes.

It is hard to think of a single thing that an airport management could do that would be opposed by 100% of the service users. Remarkably, the management at Love Field has succeeded in finding one.



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