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by Andrew Chalk


Knob Creek® Bourbon is excited to announce the return of its award-winning

limited edition Knob Creek 15 Year Old. Originally released in 2020, this liquid

further elevates Booker Noe’s vision to recreate the fullest flavors characteristic of

pre-prohibition style bourbon. Knob Creek has boldly expanded with this extra aged

Knob Creek® 15 Year Old Bourbon, their most mature age statement to-date.

To deliver such an extraordinary product that is bottled at 100 proof, barrels were

pulled from prime locations within Knob Creek’s Kentucky warehouses that cater to

advanced aging, which is essential to the decade and a half maturation process.

This extended journey over fififteen years allows for the bourbon to mature in such a

way that truly highlights the flavors of smooth caramel and toffee, perfectly paired

with toasted oak and light leather, all while maintaining the unmistakable full flavor

of Knob Creek. Its flavor is rich and hearty, reflecting the true maturity of the liquid,

that can only come with age.


Knob Creek 15 Year Old is a full-bodied bourbon that is perfect sipped straight, cooled slightly with an ice cube or used in your favorite food or cocktail recipe.


COLOR:Rich gold and bronze

AROMA:Strong caramelized oak followed by hints of sweet vanilla, ripened fruit and baking spices

TASTE: Smooth caramel and toffee paired with toasted oak and light leather

FINISH:Warming spices with a touch of floral and cherry


Knob Creek has set the standard for super-premium for more than 25 years by crafting extraordinary fullflavored bourbon with a rich taste. Knob Creek bourbons and ryes are patiently aged to perfection in new, maximum charred American Oak barrels to impart the biggest and fullest flavor on our whiskey. No matter the expression, Knob Creek is crafted without

shortcuts and embodies the pre-prohibition style that founding distiller Booker Noe set out to create. Since then, Knob Creek has lived up to such standards with the introduction of Knob Creek® Straight Rye Whiskey in 2012. In recent years, Knob Creek has expanded its rye portfolio, introducing Knob Creek® Single Barrel Select Rye Whiskey (115 proof), Knob

Knob Creek has expanded its Creek® Cask Strength Rye Whiskey, a limited edition offering, (119.6 proof) and Knob Creek® Twice Barreled Rye (100 proof). In 2020, Knob Creek expanded its bourbon portfolio with the introduction of Knob Creek® 12 Year Old Bourbon (100 proof) and Knob Creek 15 Year Old Bourbon (100 proof).


Knob Creek 15 Year Old Bourbon is available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $99.99 for a 750ml bottle


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